Kudis Apel

Class: Jamur
Common Name: Kudis Apel
Scientific Name: Venturia inaequalis
Potential Host:


Who Am I?

Apple scab is a fungal disease of great agricultural importance and worldwide dispersion. Apple scab remains dormant on the plant debris of previous seasons. Infestations can occur anytime between the initial phase of fruit formation to the time when fruits are picked. A apple scab outbreak is triggered with wetting events and disperses and reproduces during through splashing water. Green to black circular spots with a dusty-like texture appear on leaves and fruits. If not properly treated, crops exhibit decreased photosynthesis, fruit tissue damage, and fruit deformation.

Control Measures

Kebersihan area penanaman adalah hal terpenting, hindarkan tanaman dari gulma, sisa-sisa tanaman, bagian tanaman yang rusak, pertumbuhan tanaman yang tidak di ingginkan dan tanaman lain yang bukan merupakan tanaman utama budidaya.

Pentingnya tindakan pencegahan dan perawatan yang harus dilakukan selama 8-10 hari pada varietas tanaman yang mengalami kerusakan kuncup pada periode musim penghujan dan minimal dilakukan penyemprotan 2-3 dan tepat waktu dari periode kuncup sampai dengan selesai musim penghujan.

Produk yang digunakan oleh satu atau sebagian dari dunia adalah mengandung bahan aktif sebagai berikut:

tebuconzole,trifloxystrobin, cyproconazole, azoxystrobin, captan, dithianon, bromuconazole, mancozeb, dan sifenazolenoco.

Tidak dianjurkan menggunakan produk dengan bahan aktif yang sama secara terus menerus dikarenakan akan mengakibatkan resistensi hama pada bahan aktif tertentu.

*Names marked in red are considered to be highly poisonous to beneficial insects.

*Names marked in green are considered to be organic and IPM (integrated pest management) compatible.

Caution and careful notice should be taken when using any plant protection products (insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides). It is the grower’s sole responsibility to keep track of the legal uses and permissions with respect to the laws in their country and destination markets. Always read the instructions written on labels, and in a case of contradiction, work in accordance to the product label. Keep in mind that information written on the label usually applies to local markets. Pest control products intended for organic farming are generally considered to be less effective in comparison to conventional products. When dealing with organic, biologic, and to some extent a small number of conventional chemical products, a complete eradication of a pest or disease will often require several iterations of a specific treatment or combination of treatments.

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