Precision plant protection.
made easy!

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The first AI-based alert
system in agriculture

Our agricultural app notifies subscribers after crop diseases and pests are detected and expected to arrive on fields. The alerts come with written preventative measures to aid in impeding infestations.

App that recognizes plant diseases and pests

Images of plant problems are uploaded to the app then analyzed through the artificial intelligence algorithms. The system provides users with identifications, suggested solutions and helps with decision making.

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Farm management tool for crop advisors

Collaborate with friends and colleagues to manage plots and practice precision agriculture together. Share scouting notes and track progress together with your team.

We believe that collaboration and communication are important for proper plant protection. We offer farmers and crop advisors agricultural app that allow them to facilitate collaboration and improve the farm management. Create teams, and collaborate in a easy way while keeping all devices synced. Read more

Easy to use remote sensing technology

Leverage precision agriculture practices to maximize yield. With satellite imagery farmers and crop advisors can solve problems before large-scale damage is done. Our AI algorithms detect vegetation issues fast to allow farmers to know precisely when and where to act.

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Hyperlocal weather forecast

Farmers can track weather at the field level with high precision, monitor growing degree days, chill hours, and receive accurate alerts for potential diseases and pests.

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Digital scouting reports that save time

Work with our artificial intelligence assistant and prepare smart scouting reports that will save you valuable time. Collaborate on reports creation with your team and share easily with clients.

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Track the life-cycle of insect pests

Act when the pest is most vulnerable and time the emergence of new generations in high precision.

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Ag Retailers, Farming Cooperatives and Food Producers can create their own Workgroups in Agrio

Transform Agrio to an internal operations tool. Create digital farming associations to manage crop protection endeavors on a large scale. Workgroup is customizable and buildable; protocols and agriculture inputs can be predetermined and displayed to users within their channel.