Jamur putih

Class: Jamur
Common Name: Jamur putih
Scientific Name: A collective of different pathogens: Peronospora, Plasmopara, Bremia, Pseudoperonospora, Hyaloperonospora
Potential Host:

Members of the cucurbits (cucumber, squash, melon, pumpkin, zucchini, watermelon, etc), sage, parsley, coriander, dill, basil, sunflower, grapevines, onion, brassicas (cabbage and cauliflower), pea, roses, daisies, and lettuce

Who Am I?

A general name for a large group of pathogens that can cause major damage to cultural crops, ornamentals, and landscapes. The disease is usually host-specific, which means that certain pathogens can only infect plants from the same genus or family.

Traditionally downy-mildews were considered to be fungi until advancements in microbiology confirmed that they aren’t true fungi. They are Oomycetes, a fungus-like eukaryotic microorganisms closely related to algae.

Downy mildews produce a gray to whitish, thin mycelium layer upon lower leaf surfaces. The first sign of downy mildew on the upper side of leaves is yellowish angular spots, bounded by vines. It favors relatively high moisture conditions, low light, and low temperatures.

Control Measures

Tanaman atau bibit yang tahan terhadap penyakit merupakan syarat penting dalam budidaya.

Untuk mengurangi terjadinya infeksi pada pertumbuhan tanaman diperlukan beberapa teknik dan cara.

Jarak tanam sangat penting dalam budidaya, tanaman harus terhindar dari kerapatan yang tinggi dengan tujuan sebaran cahaya dapat terserap sempurna keseluruh bagian tanaman. Jika kerapatan tanaman tinggi menyebabkan daun dan buah-buah cepat kering pada saat kelembaban udara tinggi.

Bagian tanaman yang rusak tidak diperbolehkan berada disekitar area penanaman, hal ini akan mempermudah sebaran hama dan penyakit. Begituhalnya dengan sterilisasi dari alat-alat pertanian yang telah terinfeksi penyakit harus di hindarkan ke area penanaman terutama area yang basah.

Jika jaringan tanaman tertutup dan tidak terluka, memperpendek durasi musim basah dengan mempercepat pengeringan daun dikarenakan sirkulasi udara yang baik dan kondisi lingkungan yang bersih.

Drainase tanah sangat penting dikarenakan jika terdapat genangan air akan meningkatkan sebaran penyakit.

Untuk menjaga kelembaban tanah terdapat beberapa teknik salah satunya menggunakan polyethylene untuk mengurangi penguapan dalam tanam.

Produk yang digunakan oleh satu atau sebagian dari dunia adalah mengandung bahan aktif sebagai berikut:

Group 1: dimethomorph, mandipropamid, iprovalicarb, dan benthiavalicarb – isopropyl

Group 2: Metalaxyl – M

Group 3: fenamidone, dan propamocarb HCL+Fluopicolide

Group 4: Garam kalium phosphonic acid

Other: cymoxanil

Produk berdasarkan tea-tree oil dan potassium hydrogen carbonate+copper sulfate.

Bacillus subtilis

*Names marked in red are considered to be highly poisonous to beneficial insects.

*Names marked in green are considered to be organic and IPM (integrated pest management) compatible.

Caution and careful notice should be taken when using any plant protection products (insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides). It is the grower’s sole responsibility to keep track of the legal uses and permissions with respect to the laws in their country and destination markets. Always read the instructions written on labels, and in a case of contradiction, work in accordance to the product label. Keep in mind that information written on the label usually applies to local markets. Pest control products intended for organic farming are generally considered to be less effective in comparison to conventional products. When dealing with organic, biologic, and to some extent a small number of conventional chemical products, a complete eradication of a pest or disease will often require several iterations of a specific treatment or combination of treatments.

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