Virus bintik pepaya

Class: Virus
Common Name: Virus bintik pepaya
Potential Host:

Papaya and cucurbits

Who Am I?

Papaya ringspot is a viral disease in the genus Potyvirus. PRSV is transmitted by aphids. The virus is acquired and transmitted in a non-persistent manner by its vector in short periods of time that are measured in seconds to a minute.

The leaves develop a mosaic pattern and chlorosis that become malformed and can exhibit irregular, dark green blisters. Water-soaked, oily streaks appear on the petioles and upper part of the trunk. The symptoms include distorted and knobby fruits that can show color breaks. The fruit from infected trees will often develop ring spots, which is the reason behind the name of this disease. Severe symptoms often include a distortion of young leaves. Trees that have been infected at a young stage remain stunted and cease to produce economical yields.

Control Measures

Tanaman yang terinfeksi oleh virus tidak terdapat perlakuan khusus dan tidak dapat disembuhkan. Oleh karena itu, jika terdapat beberapa tanaman yg terinfeksi oleh virus, tanaman tersebut harus segera dibuang/dicabut dari area penanaman.

Pemilihan waktu yang tepat, memudahkan dalam perhitungan penghematan biaya dan mengatasi infestasi dalam tahapan awal. Setiap minggu, dilakukan pemantauan lapangan dan melakukan pemeriksaan terhadap beberapa jenis serangga pembawa penyakit (vektor).

Kebersihan area penanaman adalah hal terpenting, hindarkan tanaman dari gulma, sisa-sisa tanaman, bagian tanaman yang rusak, pertumbuhan tanaman yang tidak di ingginkan dan tanaman lain yang bukan merupakan tanaman utama budidaya.

Jaringan dalam tanaman, jaringan tanaman harus tertutup dan hindarkan luka atau lubang pada bagian tanaman.

Produk yang digunakan oleh satu atau sebagian dari dunia adalah mengandung bahan aktif sebagai berikut:

flonicamid, pymetrozine, sulfoxaflor, imidacloprid, thiamethoxam, acetamiprid, bifenthrin, cypermethrin, dan chlorpyrifos.

azadirachtin, neem oil, pyrethrins, dan potassium salt of fatty acids.

Caution and careful notice should be taken when using any plant protection products (insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides). It is the grower’s sole responsibility to keep track of the legal uses and permissions with respect to the laws in their country and destination markets. Always read the instructions written on labels, and in a case of contradiction, work in accordance to the product label. Keep in mind that information written on the label usually applies to local markets. Pest control products intended for organic farming are generally considered to be less effective in comparison to conventional products. When dealing with organic, biologic, and to some extent a small number of conventional chemical products, a complete eradication of a pest or disease will often require several iterations of a specific treatment or combination of treatments.

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