Agriculture API

Are you a developer looking to enhance your agriculture-related product or service? Our agriculture API can help you do just that! Our APIs offer access to a variety of data and functionality that can be integrated into your product or service, making it more comprehensive and valuable to users. With our APIs, you can access data on weather patterns, pest and disease predictions, and more to build a more accurate crop advisory tool. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take your product to the next level. Try our APIs today and see the difference they can make!


A photo-based plant diagnosis

Our solution allows you to connect your application to our artificial intelligence engine. Images of plant problems are uploaded to our servers and then analyzed through artificial intelligence algorithms. The system provides you with identifications and suggested solutions. Refer to our documentation for more information.

AgrioShield: Prediction algorithms for plant pest and disease

AgrioShield is the first-ever artificially intelligent crop disease and pest alert system. AgrioShield notifies you after crop diseases and pests are predicted to arrive at a designated area or were detected on nearby farms. These alerts, along with written preventative measures, aid in impeding infestations and reducing yield losses.

Satellite imagery and alerts

Leverage precision agriculture practices to support your users’ yield. With satellite imagery, farmers and crop advisors can solve problems before large-scale damage is done. Our artificial intelligence algorithms detect vegetation issues fast to allow farmers to know precisely when and where to act.

Hyperlocal weather forecast

Allow your users to accurately track weather at the field level, monitor growing degree days and chill hours, and receive alerts for potential diseases and pests.

How to start with the agriculture API

All the above packages can be connected to your solution with a REST API. Create a developer account.