Crop scouting app with the aid of artificial intelligence

Farmers and crop advisors share a common goal of maximizing crop yield. They need to work together to make sure that all interventions are coordinated, which is where digital crop scouting app comes in handy. With the aid of artificial intelligence, we created an app that allows crop advisors to record their insights in the field with a minimum of typing. The result is a scouting report that can be prepared fast and completed while the advisors are still in the field. Tailored for ag retailers, agronomists, co-ops, and farms, our agronomy management solution is a game-changer in agricultural protection and productivity.

Agrio also enhances communication between crop advisors and improves how they deliver their insights to growers. Although many communication channels already exist, there is a need to equip crop advisors and farmers with a dedicated crop-scouting app that makes agronomy-related communication easy.

As a grower, whether you scout the field or hire a crop scout to do it for you, a digital tool helps you keep things in order.

Agrio | Collaborative crop scouting tools for better farm management
Collaborative crop scouting tools

Our application revolutionizes field scouting by integrating advanced features. Users can import satellite imagery for comprehensive field analysis, capture photos, and annotate maps for detailed observations. The app supports creating and scouting unlimited fields, ensuring scalability for any size operation. Its offline functionality allows for uninterrupted scouting in remote areas. A standout feature is the ability to consolidate observations from multiple scouts, providing a holistic view of field conditions. Scouting reports can be generated and shared directly from the mobile app in PDF format, enhancing communication and efficiency. Additionally, users have convenient access to historical scouting data on the go, offering valuable insights over time.

Create and share PDF reports
Create and share PDF reports

Collaboration capabilities at the team level

In the past, collaboration was only possible as part of Agrio’s Workgroup, which is intended for large groups of growers such as farming cooperatives. We made it possible for Agrio users to collaborate on a single field. Farmers and crop advisors can examine remote sensing insights, alerts, and information collected during the inspection process. Moreover, they can assign plant protection-related tasks to each other and coordinate interventions in a simple way.

Create geotagged notes on the map that your team can review
Create geotagged notes on the map that your team can review

Team members are notified once satellite scans, preventative suggestions, and recommendations are ready for review. Members can examine and analyze these inputs and inspect the places in the fields requiring attention. The scouting tasks can be assigned to the group members. Members are notified once the fields are scouted and observations are uploaded to the system.

How a crop scouting app can improve your productivity

In the field, inspectors can use our crop scouting app to create geotagged digital scouting reports. Agrio helps you to create notes and capture photos as you scout your field. The artificial intelligence analyses the images and recordings and makes suggestions to be added to the reports.

The personal assistant helps pest inspectors prepare reports faster.

Team members can see the observations collected, get updates on the parts of the fields inspected by other team members, and plan the scouting route accordingly. Discussions on the required interventions are becoming easier within the groups.

AI-based crop scouting app

Team members can define tasks, such as trap checking, for example, and be notified once other members complete tasks. Pesticide applications, fertilization, irrigation operations, and other interventions can be quickly recorded using the field calendar. Moreover, we use this information to send you reminders and let you know when we have insights on which interventions worked better. Use this tool to create experiments with different interventions and monitor their progress.

Agrio | Crop scouting app
Agrio | Crop scouting app

The scouting reports can also be shared with growers not using Agrio. You can create a pdf or a link to an interactive web-hosted report that can be sent via email or message.

Share interactive reports with growers

Fast insight recording and sharing are essential for proper plant protection and farm management. We are excited to offer farmers and field inspectors our crop scouting app and look forward to progressing in the field of agriculture together. We wrote a short manual to help you get started; you are invited to have a look. See you on the app!