Collaborative tool for precise plant protection

Farmers and crop advisors share a common goal of maximizing crop yield. They need to work together to make sure that all interventions are coordinated, which is where digital tools come in handy. Farmers can use their mobile devices to access information from the cloud, while crop advisors can use this data as well as local knowledge to create notes for future interventions. The instant sync feature ensures that changes made by one person will be updated on all other devices in real-time.

Although many communication channels already exist, there is a need to equip farmers with dedicated tools to help increase productivity. We introduce a new set of features to our mobile app to help teams to manage plant protection in their fields. Farmers and crop advisors will now be able to increase their collaboration and communication with each other.


In the past, collaboration was only possible as part of Agrio’s Workgroup, which is intended for large groups of growers such as farming cooperatives. Today, we made it possible for Agrio users to collaborate on a single field. Farmers and crop advisors can now examine remote sensing insights, alerts, and information that was collected during the inspection process. Moreover, now they can assign plant protection-related tasks to each other and coordinate interventions in a simple way.

Team members are notified once satellite scans, preventative suggestions, and other recommendations are ready. Members can examine and analyze these inputs together and review the places in the fields that require attention. The scouting tasks can be assigned to the group members. Members are notified again once the fields were scouted and observations were uploaded to the system.

In the field, inspectors create geotagged digital scouting reports. Team members can see the observations that were collected, get updates on the parts of the fields that were inspected by other team members, and plan the scouting route accordingly. Discussions on the required interventions is becoming easier within the groups.

An AI-based assistant that helps you to create scouting reports

Team members can define tasks, such as trap checking, and be notified once tasks are completed by other members. Pesticides applications, fertilization, irrigation operations, and other interventions can be easily recorded using the field calendar. We use this information to send you reminders and let you know when we have insights on which interventions worked better. Use this tool to create experiments with different interventions and monitor their progress.


We believe that collaboration and communication are important for proper plant protection. We are excited to offer farmers and field inspectors this new capability and look forward to progressing the field of agriculture together.