Listing agricultural retail and gardening stores on our app

Every day we help thousands of growers to identify diseases, pests, and nutritional deficiencies that damage their plants. To provide the best service to our users, our goal is to help them find the most effective products that can help them minimize damage.

Find future customers and grow your client network

Users receive identification within a few seconds based on images of symptomatic plants. The protocols present users with suggestions on how to address the problem. They can find conventional, biological, organic, and agrotechnical treatments. Users can see the most relevant products based on treatment suggestions. Only products authorized for use according to the type of growth and problem are shown.

We offer a hyper-targeted featuring solution

Agricultural retailers and gardening stores can offer agronomists, farmers, and gardeners products that solve the problems they currently experiencing. Retailers can select the audience based on geography, crop type, and the disease, pest, or nutrient deficiency they deal with right now. The products will be promoted in our app on the screen that shows up after users identify problems with their plants.

As an agricultural retailer, you can list your shops on our app. Build the database of available products in each of the shops and help users find the branch that can provide them with a solution. Agrio simplifies the process of matching agriculture and garden input suppliers with growers and provide a win-win solution for both sides.