Jamur tepung

Class: Jamur
Common Name: Jamur tepung
Scientific Name: Leveillula taurica
Potential Host:

Peppers, tomato, cotton, eggplant, onion, and garlic

Who Am I?

Powdery mildew is a multi-host fungal disease with worldwide dispersion. It usually appears on the surfaces of leaves as white or grayish spots with a powdery like texture, hence the name. If infestation reaches a critical point the leaves begin to drop.

Generally, the disease is host-specific, which means that it can only infect plants from the same genus or family.

Powdery mildew is favored by warm climate, moderate to high humidity, low light conditions, and does not require the presence of free water.

Powdery mildew can cause considerable loss due to nutrient removal, reduced photosynthesis, increased respiration and transpiration, and impaired growth.

Control Measures

Tanaman atau bibit yang tahan terhadap penyakit merupakan syarat penting dalam budidaya.

Kebersihan area penanaman adalah hal terpenting, hindarkan tanaman dari gulma, sisa-sisa tanaman, bagian tanaman yang rusak, pertumbuhan tanaman yang tidak di ingginkan dan tanaman lain yang bukan merupakan tanaman utama budidaya.

Pada umumnya perlu adanya jadwal aplikasi yang sesuai dengan kebutuhan tanaman dan kontrol yang baik adalah dengan melakukan penyemprotan keseluruh bagian tanaman dengan tekanan tinggi, dan volume air yang tinggi juga.

Produk yang digunakan oleh satu atau sebagian dari dunia adalah mengandung bahan aktif sebagai berikut:

Group 1: penconazole, triadimenol, tebuconzole, myclobotanil, tetraconazole, propiconazole, prochloraz, cyproconazole , difenoconazole, fenbuconazole, triflumizole, and hexaconazole

Group 2: azoxystrobin, pyraclostrobin,trifloxystrobin, and kresoxim-methyl

Group 3: Sulfur, copper sulfate, bicarbonates, mineral oil, neem oil, dan detergents produk (sabun industri).

Jangan melakukan aplikasi selama 2 minggu setelah applikasi minyak, dikarenakan belerang dapat mengakibatkan kerusakan daun dan buah pada kondisi suhu diatas 32 derajat.

Tidak dianjurkan menggunakan produk dengan bahan aktif yang sama secara terus menerus dikarenakan akan mengakibatkan resistensi hama pada bahan aktif tertentu.

Produk berdasarkan tea-tree oil, potassium hydrogen carbonate+copper sulfate, dan Sulfur jenis produk adalah sulfate (debu, bersifat basah, mudah larut atau micronized)

bacillus pumilis dan Bacillus subtilis.

*Names marked in red are considered to be highly poisonous to beneficial insects.

*Names marked in green are considered to be organic and IPM (integrated pest management) compatible.

Caution and careful notice should be taken when using any plant protection products (insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides). It is the grower’s sole responsibility to keep track of the legal uses and permissions with respect to the laws in their country and destination markets. Always read the instructions written on labels, and in a case of contradiction, work in accordance to the product label. Keep in mind that information written on the label usually applies to local markets. Pest control products intended for organic farming are generally considered to be less effective in comparison to conventional products. When dealing with organic, biologic, and to some extent a small number of conventional chemical products, a complete eradication of a pest or disease will often require several iterations of a specific treatment or combination of treatments.

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